In My Hands

by Arran Arctic

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The 5th full length LP album from Northern Irish, Edinburgh based D.I.Y. Musician Arran Arctic.


released February 27, 2011

All tracks written, produced, recorded and performed by Arran Arctic who is... Arran Southall.

Copyright and Payright Arran Southall 2011.

*** Reviews ***

“For those unfamiliar with Arran Arctic, he is not (as his website leads us to believe) an amnesiac discovered somewhere within the Arctic Circle. He is, in fact, based in Edinburgh and is perhaps less commonly known by his real name, Arran Southall. However, listening to the melancholic beauty of his latest release, ‘In My Hands’ it is – at times – hard to believe that he does not hail from the Arctic region as his music does strike up imagery of endless plains of snow, icebergs and maybe the odd polar bear or two.Combining multiple genres successfully is no easy feat and rarely done with such apparent ease.Southall combines folk influences with electronica and has mastered the art of vocal multitracking. There are moments which bear a striking resemblance (if only momentarily) to Bon Iver’s ‘For Emma Forever Ago’ LP. Saying this though, ‘In My Hands’ is completely Southall’s own and any such similarities are fleeting, rather than overbearing.Tracks such as ‘Interrupt Me’ and ‘Always About You’ consist of carefully contructed layers and strike the perfect balance between folk and electronica. This crossover is handled so masterfully, some may even say it could be somewhat of a trademark for Arran Arctic.Southall has clearly stumbled into his own niche here and it will be exciting to see what he produces in the years to come. If you need any further convincing, ‘The Wire’ and ‘You Could Have It So Much Better’ should silence any doubts.”

- 4.5/5 stars, Is This Music?, 19/04/11

“Showcasing the visceral beauty of folktronica, it delves into the soul but in a gentle way. No buzzsaw guitars and red-raw throats here.Kicking off with the forest-like trance of Through The Trees, the album has a pastoral feel made contemporary by synth beats and bleeps.First song proper, Interrupt Me, Arran begs a lover to follow him northwards, “the coldest place I could afford”.The music may drift into blissed-out pleasure but the lyrics often cut as sharp as Morrissey as he sings on All That I Can Do, “All that I can do is fall in love with you for a short while”. The Smiths’ nod continues with the jangle of Always About You. A thought- provoking album.”

- Glasgow Daily Record, 20/06/11

“…as per usual, Arran has served up a treat. Compared to his last offering, it sees a different side to him. Gone is the haunting D.I.Y. folk, replaced by some beautifully-crafted electro-dreampop……The whole package is pretty damn good!……It’s an album to stick on and as the ol’ cliché goes, lose yourself in. Just be careful you’re able to find your way back out of its clutches."

- Kowalskiy, 28/02/11

“…grimly optimistic ambience reminscent of The Twilight Sad… shares a maudlin buoyancy with Ballboy…what stands out the most though are Arran’s lyrics and the passion he manages to imbue them with… his songs are both uniquely personal and touching…This is a good record from a prolific and talented songwriter.”

- God Is In The TV, 29/06/11

“…it blends the tenderness of King Creosote, the introspection of Damien Rice and the lonely self analysis of Bon Iver.”

- The Devil Has The Best Tuna, 27/02/11

“An intimate adventure… a truly independent artist”

- The ...And Myles Show, 31/03/11



all rights reserved


Arran Arctic Glasgow, UK

Arran Arctic (a.k.a. Arran Southall) is a D.I.Y. musician and artist who has been independently producing and releasing music for almost a decade. When he’s not recording in his home studio, he’s doodling, knitting and generally being creative in any way possible! ... more

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Track Name: Interrupt Me
I walked away to get some distance from
The way I behave to you and to myself

I went to the North, the coldest place I could afford
I sat in the sand, head in my hands

Why didn’t you follow?
Everything I gave you swallowed
Hungry for more
I’m skin and bones and you’re yet to explode

Interrupt me
Make me see
That my logic makes no sense
And I’m being a dickhead

Interrupt me, make me stop
Interrupt me before I beat myself up
Give some back and play your part
Get your hands dirty and tear this one apart
Track Name: All That I Can Do
It’s not what you said, it’s the way you said it
Spinning in my head, all the time forgetting
It was me that wanted to break from your love
Oh what a cunt
Reeling in the disco, but at the time
I let you know, I let you know

All that I can do is fall in love with you for a short while
I’ll be hanging around, waiting in the background
‘Till you throw me a smile

And here comes the exciting part
Where I begin to break your heart
And mine is pounding; I like it… is that weird? No.
To hold all of the power
If just for half an hour or less
But I told you
Track Name: Always About You
I got something I got to give
I owe you this, so you’ll take it
I’ll give you my unequal kiss
But all these debts are never paid back

I’ll be the one who reaches out and cradles your head
I’ll be the one to sacrifice and never get my way in bed
‘Cause it’s always about you
It’s always about you
Yeah it’s always about you
It’s always about you

I’ve been feeling sad, well who wants that?
When there’s plenty of other people to spend your time with
I’ll work it out without your help
That way I can be there for you

I know it’s getting old
I know I want some fun in my life again
Track Name: Give & Take
I’m going to leave you
What do you think of that
For once you’re going to be
The left hanging out to dry

My eyes will not be stinging
My mouth will not be dry
For once you’re going to be
The one left standing waving goodbye

They say that love is give and take
Well I’m taking it all
It’s my turn to be greedy because
I’ve given enough

I’m tired of playing games with you
And can’t afford to lose
The only out that I can see
Is to take away your power to choose

You’ll say I’m being unfair
To turn the other cheek
Well my cheeks are red raw from you
The pounding that you gave me last week
Track Name: It Will Come
When it’s close to over
But it can’t be done
I’m hearing echoes of when we began

Looking around the room
Imagine it empty
Light a match, cover up this stale stench

I know you feel it
But you hold your tongue
Well I’ll hold my breath and wait for you
In time it will come

Our words will fall on deaf ears
Our touch goes ignored
People with sight are blind sometimes

And go all dumb
No not in that way
Our senses will lie but we’ll still taste the spite
Track Name: Daniel!
I collect them, I’ve had three in my life so far
Worth noting, but there’s been plenty more
All of them are taller than me
No shock; I’m short you see
But all are similar in other ways
Quite diverse and special to me
(All the best ones are like that)
Treat me like I’m important

Make me happy / make me sad
Wouldn’t want to be without them
Make me joyous / make me mad
make me a better person
Digging holes on Portrush strand, / kissing in the bedroom
Making music / holding hands
Can’t believe I met them

And I don’t want him to die before I do
Don’t go outside
Stay in and play Megadrive
Tell me you love me again
Track Name: The Door
Here comes the action that you’ve been waiting for
I bet you didn’t expect it to come knocking quite so hard

There go the answers to all the questions
To all the ones you had in mind
Thrown in the deep end, waiting for the fun to begin
This all seems so tired

Was it a promise, or imagination run wild?
Is this the way that you planned it? You had it all planned out

Let’s paint the smiles on and hide all that’s gone wrong
You know it’s just a phase
If positive thinking ever changed a damn thing
Those eyes would be on fire

Was it you who deserved this? Is it all a mistake?
Was timing on your side?
Look through the thick mist, you’re in control of this
You can change your life

Here comes the action that you’ve been waiting for
You can do this
You can walk through that door
Track Name: The Wire
Tiny, little cuts upon my hands
Chip away at all of my plans
Biting fingers down to the stubs
Lists of friends with whom to keep in touch

Empty conversation on the phone
Locked away in rooms on your own
Sitting thinking of what was gone
Missing out on what’s on offer

The mystery’s solved
I’m so sorry I haven’t called
I’ve been wrapped up in my own stuff
The wire is coiled
Yet not long enough by far
I know I should have tried to reach out for you
Track Name: You Could Have It So Much Better
You know you could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
Don’t ever settle for what you got

Go traveling
Go write something
Mountain climbing
Death surviving

You know you could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
Don’t ever settle for what you want

And the grass is so much greener
And the sun is so much brighter
You could have it so much better
What are mirrors for?

You know you could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
You could have it so much better
You could have it so much better